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Senior portraits pricing and services

Let me first start by stating that I am not a "professional" photographer but rather an
"accomplished and skilled" photographer.
I do not own a studio. I will let my photos and customer testimonials speak for themselves.
I would make a great choice for the budget minded yet produce "professional" results.
Almost all senior portraits that I produce are shot out of doors at locations.

Your senior portraits will be burned to a DVD and delivered in a CD case.
The DVD will be provided to you along with a copyright waiver allowing
you to print them at your photo lab of choice.
I retouch all of the portrait quality photos and I also apply special effects to select images free of charge.
I can also produce professional quality prints in popular sizes if you would like me to produce them for you.
Below are some pricing guidelines:

Sitting fee/photo sessions and images on DVD: $250.00

Special effects can also be applied  to select images (click to see examples)

You can also order all of your professional prints in popular sizes at very competitive rates directly through me.


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