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Senior Portraits

Book Your Senior Portraits Now!

I do not have a studio, most of my portraits are done out of doors or in natural light indoors.
As you can see, the results can be very pleasing!

Black & White


I can photograph your senior and create a DVD of all of the images.
I can have images printed up for you or even make the photo session into a DVD movie slideshow  
set to your favorite music that you can watch at home on your DVD player.
You can also purchase the DVD of images to print at your leisure where you want, when you want
and as often as you want.
I also offer photo retouching (removing blemishes, brightening teeth  etc.) I can also create "glamour "
effects and other  creativespecial effects to highlight your photos.
I can produce a high-quality product at an affordable price.

Pricing and Services

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