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Wedding Photography Pricing and Services

Let me first start by stating that I am not a "professional" photographer but rather an
"accomplished and skilled" photographer.
I do not own a studio. I will let my photos and customer testimonials speak for themselves.
I would make a great choice for the budget minded yet produce professional results.

Your wedding photos will be burned to a DVD and delivered in a CD crystal/case.
The DVD will be provided to you along with a copyright waiver allowing
you to print them at your photo lab of choice.
You can also choose to have the images retouched for portrait quality photos and have me
produce professional quality photographs in popular sizes.
Below are some pricing guidelines.

Availability is limited

Wedding dates for 2013 & 2014 are quickly being booked.
Call to reserve your date as soon as possible.
906-863-5684 or email

Basic Wedding Package: $300.00
For our basic wedding package I will meet your group prior to the wedding, photograph random and candid shots as you prepare for your ceremony.
I will then photograph your wedding and re-orchestrate  photos after the ceremony.
I will then follow your wedding party after the ceremony to photograph your group at various locations prior to your wedding reception.
I will then adjust all of the photos  for color, contrast, blemishes, etc. and burn them to a CD or DVD and release the files to you.
$100 retainer fee

Add a wedding photo DVD slide show: $200.00

I can create a photo slide show DVD set to the music that you provide, telling your wedding story through creatie imagery and music.
This DVD is creatively done and can be placed in your DVD player and watched on your  television or computer like a movie.
I can provide samples of slideshows I've produced over the last couple of years if desired.

Complete Wedding Package: 825.00

The complete wedding package means I am
essentially yours from morning until 9 PM

Here's what is included:

Photographing your pre-wedding preparations on the day of your wedding
Photograph your wedding ceremony
 Shooting photos between the wedding and reception
 Photograph your reception until 9 PM
Adjust and balance color, lighting  and cropping on all photos
Burn all of your wedding photos to DVD at both High and Low resolution
Create your complete wedding DVD slideshow set to your music

I will also add creative effects to select images free of charge

$250 retainer fee

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