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Purchase from First Down Photo

Here's how to order photos and cd's of your athletes!

I am not currently set-up to accept credit cards over the web.
However, I will accept credit cards by phone.
Personal checks are accepted as well.
You can order by phone 906-863-5684 or e-mail me at  firstdownphoto.

Checks can be mailed to:

Duane Clausen
N2539 Hwy 577
Menominee, MI  49858

Order a CD
This is absolutely the best value for your dollar!
You can order a CD with up to 20 high-resolution images per CD.
All reprinting rights are yours with the purchase of the CD.

Order images from past games or request me to be your athlete's personal photographer for all or part of a game.  
(all requests will be kept completely confidential if desired).

One high resolution CD with up to 50 images: $50.00

Order Photographs
You can cut and paste the image to email me or by describing which one by defining what game page, details of the image
and the jersey number of your athlete.

All photos are printed on premium glossy paper and satisfaction is guaranteed at time of delivery.
Add 10% for shipping or ask about free pick up service at a local business.

Minimum order is $6.00

4 x 6 photographs:    $3.00 each.  

5 x 7 photographs:     $6.00  

8 x 10 photographs:   $10.00

12 x 18 photographs:  $30.00

20 x 30 photographs: $60.00
 (poster size)

Availability is based on image resolution.
Some photos were not shot at high enough resolution to create a quality enlargement of this size.

contact me

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