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First Down
Is "constantly under construction", So...Check for updates daily

Last update:  02/02/10
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First Down Photo is designed to be the leader in local sports photography.
Have you ever watched from the bleachers as your kids played youth sports and wished you "had a photo of that"?
Well, now you can!
I randomly shoot images from the sidelines and bleachers of numerous sporting events.
What began as friendly gifts to the parents of my children's team-mates has grown into an opportunity for me to do what I like while being able to provide lasting memories of your kids enjoying their favorite sports.

Points of interest

* You can preview low resolution images on my website for possible purchase.
* You can request a review of archived images for possible existing photos of your child, just send me an email.
* You may order photos from wallet size to poster size! (in many cases).
* You can hire me to focus my camera on your child during an event (confidentially if desired) for a small fee.
* You can also purchase a CD of images for personal use.

Ordering Information and Prices

We're still under construction so keep checking as I continue to build this site daily!

Contact Me